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Be Unbeatable Knowhow

Over almost 30 years in developing fertiliser granulation process technology

About us

          Nuntakri company limited—a Thai national company situated in Samutsakorn province, Thailand, was found by Dr. Kreetah Weeranantanaphan and has been established since 1991 to start manufacturing compound fertilizer granulation. Our main objective is to accomplish the machinery design for homogeneous mixture of plant nutrients or fertilizer raw materials beneficial in precision farming and efficient nutrient management in farm and plantation usages.

        To be unbeatable in production quality, granulation technology and machines are essential. We are specialized in designing and engineering fertilizer granulation machines for compound fertilizer with customization for suitability of variations on raw materials and process conditions to achieve fine quality in finished granules of the fertilizer.


        We do serve as OEM for your branded fertilizer products and also know-how technologies for machinery and engineering systems in fertilizer process and manufacturing including quality monitoring and controlling systems.

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